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Travel companies exhibit holidaymakers’ many weird patron use calls

January 28th, 2016 by admin | Filed under Blog.
  • One masculine asked to change his booking, afterwards hung adult as he was arrested
  • Another traveller asked if they could move a goldfish in a tiny container
  • A newcomer asked if cabin organisation could feverishness adult their McDonald’s meal 

Chris Kitching for MailOnline



From mid-call arrests to requests for an in-flight Big Mac, people who work in patron use for airlines, hotels or transport companies have listened it all.

There has been no necessity of absurd complaints from raging business who had it all wrong or waggish questions from those who frequency travel.

MailOnline Travel spokes to a series of transport companies to exhibit a many comical and weird tales from their patron call centres.

One masculine who called to cancel his moody engagement for that day had to hang adult since he was being arrested

One masculine who called to cancel his moody engagement for that day had to hang adult since he was being arrested

Monarch Airlines once perceived a call from a patron who indispensable to change his moody engagement for that day, yet didn’t explain why.

Moments later, as a confidant was looking adult his moody details, a masculine pronounced he was contemptible yet he had to go since he was being arrested during that really moment. He pronounced he would try to call behind later.

Another newcomer once asked if he could move his goldfish on house a Monarch moody if it was kept in a enclosure underneath 100ml of water, so not to violate glass restrictions.

One organisation of travellers called to find out if they could blindfold a husband-to-be as he upheld by a confidence checkpoint since a end was a surprise.

EDreams, an online transport agency, spasmodic fields requests or queries that leave employees scratching their heads.

One patron asked if they could move some-more palm luggage on house a moody if they weighed reduction than other passengers.

Another wanted to know if a airline would be means to reason onto their sequence from McDonald’s and offer it to them during cooking time.

Often, some of a many comical tales revolving around pets or surprising objects.

A lady called to find out if she could move her 6 Chihuahuas - even yet a hotel didn't concede dogs

A lady called to find out if she could move her 6 Chihuahuas – even yet a hotel didn’t concede dogs

Chris Clarkson, handling executive of, said: ‘One that sticks out in my mind is conference about an aged lady who phoned to enquire about either or not a hotel she’d requisitioned to stay in would concede her to have her 6 Chihuahuas staying in a room with her and her husband.

‘The best part? She wanted a hotel, that had a no pets policy, to yield a dog bed for any of her pets.’

Another traveller wanted to move their cat with them on a journey since they couldn’t find a sitter.

A football-mad patron attempted to cancel his holiday since he had a deteriorate sheet for Middlesbrough FC and a group was on a verge of being promoted while he was scheduled to be away.

Clarkson added: ‘On a apart occasion, a masculine patron called to ask if he could have his holiday for giveaway since he’d had a quite stressful year.’

From time to time, transport companies book getaways for holidaymakers who are travelling with a tip partner – not their mother or husband.

One patron asked not to call him behind about his engagement since he was travelling with his mistress.

Another patron went so distant that his engagement had to be stable with a ‘code word’ to safeguard that his mother wouldn’t find out, a website said.

And afterwards there are misconceptions that make for comical tales.

A patron requisitioned a moody to a nation where a visa was compulsory and was told by a transport agent.

The patron pronounced it would be a problem since he used MasterCard instead. 

While staying during The Edge during Whitsand Bay, in Cornwall, a mad guest called Unique Home Stays to protest that a perspective from a clifftop beach hovel she was staying during was ‘misrepresented’ on a company’s website and there was frequency any golden sand.

She unsuccessful to apologize when a worker explained that a beach would be ‘more sandy’ in a few hours when a waves goes out.

Freetobook, a website that allows owners to publicize a guesthouse or bed and breakfast, pronounced one guest asked if they could move their pet otter, while another wanted to know if their horde had ‘vegetarian chicken’. 

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